Mitsubishi YGS-43Z Start Hole Drilling Machine


The perfect complement to the wire-cutting systems from Mitsubishi Electric. The start EDM drilling systems not only master small dimensions on start holes with 0.3–3.0 mm ­electrodes, but also functional bores. The manual version offers comfortable operation during manual positioning, while the CNC version also masters a large number of holes in a single sweep. 

An EDM drilling system simply has to get the job done – and must not distract from important tasks. The start series is therefore designed to bring the user quickly and simply to his goal. Speed and simplicity are also all-important as far as maintenance and organisation are concerned – everything is readily accessible and accommodated immediately in the machine. Even electrode tubes and guides can be stored within the machine. Everything within easy reach. 

The generator is designed for low-wear operation without compromising on performance. Micro Discharge Technology makes it possible. Drilling technology for a variety of tasks is available in the technology database. For exotic materials, technologies can be modified and stored at any time – in-built flexibility.

Automatic positioning measurement is a convenient function of the CNC-controlled version.
Further important automatic functions of the machines: 
· Electrode wear compensation 
· Z axis retraction function 
· Depth calculation for blind holes


Table dimensions 910 x 650mm  
Travel (X / Y) 400/300mm
Travel (Z) 400mm  
Travel (W) 345mm
Possible electrode diameter 0,3–3,0mm
Max. electrode length 400mm        
Max. workpiece height 350mm
Max. workpiece weight 200kg    
Machine weight 680kg      


Product Description

Ergonomic fixed table

Good accessibility permits convenient and swift set-up. The tidy, granite-based work area is designed and optimised for easy workpiece clamping. Furthermore, the fixed table makes the machine compact and permits loading with heavier workpieces.

Solid base, high-grade guides and spindles – in the service of precision

The machine base is solidly designed. The granite stiffening components and high-grade linear guides are an assurance of durability and long-term accu­racy. The granite base of the work table also prevents accidental drilling into the table.

Position automatically

... by CNC command. The drilling position can be manually entered on the screen or conveniently adopted from external sources. You can either read in a positioning table or adopt the drilling position from an already loaded DXF file – the choice is yours. Incidentally, the interfaces for data transfer are already available: USB or TCP / IP, serving all commonly used standards.

Direct selection from DXF

A convenient way to select the position: the DXF of a component being machined is read in and the drilling points are adopted directly from the graphics. It could hardly be simpler!

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