Mitsubishi MV1200S WEDM


Take your small parts manufacturing business to new levels with Mitsubishi EDM and the new MV1200-S M800. The MV1200-S Advance M800 features improved machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication, power supply technology and operating cost reduction. The machine exemplifies Mitsubishi EDM’s continued dedication to high precision and innovative technology with the highly reliable non-contact Cylindrical Drive System on the X & Y axis drives. The MV1200-S Advance M800 uses the new Mitsubishi M800 series control with a 19-inch cell phone like touchscreen—providing easier user interface than previous models. With new features that will advance EDM machining, the MV1200-S is truly a revolution in wire EDM technology for small parts production type work.

Product Description

• Innovative automatic wire threading-Intelligent AT- Advanced technology for greatly improved productivity
• Improved machining accuracy -Opt Drive System- Next-generation drive system and refined power-supply control technology
• Improved productivity -Precise Finish Circuit- Wide range of technologies for ever-changing working environments
• Easy operation -Natural User Interface- User-friendly features ensure easy operation
• Energy savings, low running cost -Long Life System- Realizing low costs and environment-friendly operation
• ADVANCE PLUS control - Super Digital Control x ADVANCE PLUS control expand the capabilities of electrical-discharge machining

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Maximum workpiece dimensions 810x700x215mm
Tolerable workpiece weight 500kg
Table dimensions (W x D) 640x450mm
Each axis stroke (X x Y x Z) 400x300x220mm
Outline dimensions (W x D x H) 2025x2760x2015mm
Machine body weight 2700kg
Work tank door Manual vertical front door


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