Mitsubishi YGS-43C Start Hole Drilling Machine


The YGS-43C CNC EDM small hole drill is one of the easiest CNC EDM drills to operate. Available with or without an AEC (Automatic Electrode Changer), this EDM drill is extremely easy to program. Working with “G” codes, your program is generated at your desktop or laptop computer, converted to a DXP file then down loaded to the EDM small hole drill via flash drive or CD. The Windows 7 operating system makes it easy to maneuver through the different screens on the Yougar YGS-43C EDM machine. The built-in closed loop water filtration system on the YGS-43C EDM small hole drill makes this machine both compact and self-contained. The Yougar EDM drills come standard with the work piece rail system, cutting down on the cost of expensive work piece holding devices.

Product Description

- Windows 7 Operating System
- 20 Position Electrode Changer (AEC only)
- Download Programs via Thumb Drive, Ethernet or C/D
- Built-In Closed Loop D/I, Filtration System
- E-Pack Storage w/Library of Settings
- Multiple Work Piece Set-Up
- Blind Hole Feature
- Soft Power Start-Up
- Automatic Work Piece Pick-Up (Inside, Outside, Corner)
- Hole Elimination Feature
- Programmable "W" Axis
- On Screen Editing Feature
- Rapid "Z" Axis Start-Up
- Rail System Work Piece Holder
- Granite Work Table
- Heavy Weight Capacity (1,200 lbs)
- 2 Year Warranty on Parts & 1 Year Warranty on Labor

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Table dimensions 920 x 680mm
Travel (X/Y) 450/300mm
Travel (Z) 400mm  
Travel (W) 345mm  
Possible electrode diameter 0,3–3,0mm
Max. electrode length 400mm
Max. workpiece height 350mm    
Max. workpiece weight 500kg
Machine weight 1140kg    


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