Mitsubishi EA8S EDM


The Mitsubishi EA8S Advance features the new M700 series control with a 15” touch screen and FP80S energy saving power supply, reducing electrical consumption by 20% as compared to the previous FP model. The all new Power Master GF2 Adaptive Control reduces graphite electrode wear by as much as 80%. The addition of the new SS Jump 5 optimizes jump up acceleration control to stabilize high speed No-Flush burning.

Product Description

Up to 80% less graphite electrode wear
Solid, compact and with sufficient performance reserves when it matters – yet 20% more economical. The EA-S Series comes with the further-developed FP805 all-round generator, graphite technology and the new IDPM Power Master. High performance ex works.

The equipment giant among die-sinking erosion systems
A genuine all-rounder - with everything inclusive! An unbeatable price/performance ratio inclusiveof electrode changer, automatic fireextinguishing system and C-axis. This means you’re equipped for all eventualities and enjoy maximum versatility plus impressive flexibility.

Precise axis motions - whatever the loading
Thoroughly solid mechanical engineering, just the way it should be. Ingenious, tidy and absolutely durable. These principles have decades of success behind them and are cast in metal in each new machine. Inclusive of the use of high-grade axis components.

Ergonomic work space
Good accessibility due to the elevating work tank for convenient and swift set-up. The precision-ground work table at an ergonomic height is equipped with standard T grooves. Less elaborate designs may be cheaper at first, but...

Compact and maintenance-friendly
The machine’s compact and ingenious layout saves you space and time. Everything under control without long distances. Convenience that you will appreciate long-term.

Configured for performance
Only if you produce the all-important electronic components yourself, can you tailor them precisely to requirements. Mitsubishi Electric produces its own semiconductors and adapts them perfectly to actual needs. Obviously a clear advantage for you, the user.

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Machine Travels X x Y x Z 300x250x250mm
Max Dielectric Fluid Level 87 ~ 250mm
Internal Worktank Dimensions  800x520x300mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 551kg
Table Dimensions W x D 500x350mm
Max. Electrode Weight 25kg
Machine System Weight 1996kg
C-Axis Min. Indexing Angle/Drive Unit 0.001 ̊/0.001
C-Axis Range 1 to 30
Table to Platen Distance 150-400mm
Machine Unit Dimensions WxDxH 1530x2000x2106mm
C-Axis Max. Electrode Weight 5kg


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