Hwacheon M3-5Ax 5-Axis Machining Center


Heavy meehanite machine bed and powerful drives - made for heavy duty cutting.

Product Description

Main features

- Twin drives in Y axis with 6 LM guide rails
- Heavy machine bed with 21 t weight
- Rotary table for workpiece weights up to 800 kg and Ø 700 mm
- Linear scales

5-Axis machining

- Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System (HRCC II)
- Rotary encoder with 0,0001° resolution
- Rotary table with twin drives and cooling system

M3-5AX is a 5-axis machining center that is specialized for machining molds and parts that have complex shapes and require high precision. It is mounted with a high-precision, high-rigid rotary table that is developed with Hwacheon's technology. Their high-rigidity, high-performance spindle and Hwacheon's 5-axis software technology offer precise and fast machining environment, ensuring satisfactory results.

Three different spindle versions are available:

- 20000rpm (standard) with 22kW power
- 24000rpm (optional) with 37kW power
- 14000rpm (optional) with 37kW power

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Stroke (X/Y/Z) 750/900/550mm
Table size   Ø700mm
Max. table load 800kg
Rotary angle range (A/C) ±120/360°
Rapid speed travel (X/Y/Z) 48/48/40m/min
Tool magazine 40 (60, 90)
Weight 21000kg


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