X6142 Horizontal Knee-Type Manual Milling Machine


The X5030C is a general purpose Vertical Milling Machine which can perform a wide range of functions. Mounted with face, cylindrical, side, bevel and formed milling cutters, the machine is suitable for processing flat surfaces, inclined surfaces, slots and gears on variety of work pieces. Equipped with optional accessories such as a rotary table and dividing head, this Milling Machine is ideal for regular machining processes, maintenance, instruments, dies and moulds.

Product Description


-Spindle and feed are in hardened gear transmission with 18 grades speed ranges.

Over-load protection clutch

-Over-load protection clutch in spindle and feed transmission. If machine worked over-load, it will stop automatically.

Auto-stop and protective device

-Auto-stop and protective device on feed movement which let operator can change direction easily.
-Equipped with trimming handwheel, machine can work in small size processing range. 

Adjusting wedge

-Adjusting wedge in each guideway to ensure accuracy in long time.
-With extra manual lubrication pump, every part can be lubricated sufficiently.


-Arm can be moved back and install vertical milling head.


-Worktable can be rotated by ±45°

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Worktable Size   1800x420mm
Max. load capacity  800kg
longitudinal travel (manual/power) X  1200/1180mm
cross travel (manual/power) Y  360/350mm
Vertical travel ( manual/power) Z  470/4050mm
Spindle hole taper  7:24 No.50  
Spindle speed   30-1500rpm
Rapid traverse rate  2400/2400/900mm/min
Main motor power   7.5Kw