TAILI TLE-360FS Injection Moulding Machine


Product Description

• Double cylinder balance injection system
• Back pressure adjustment device
• Multi stage pressure and speed injection
• High speed clamping
• Low pressure mould protection
• Double core pulling and inserting
• Multiple hydraulic ejector knock-out
• Mechanical electrical safety device
• Lubrication system
• TLE series offers Multiple options of computer CPU system
• Moulding data memory system
• Northman hydraulic valve
• Yestone servo motor
• Hopper dryer, auto loader and robot  for part or sprue (option)
• Phase motion control Ultract hydraulic drive

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Screw Diameter 68mm
Shot Volume (Theoretical) 1161cm3
Injection Weight (PS) 1057g
Injection Rate 448g/s
Injection Pressure 185Mpa
Screw Speed 0-289r/min
Clamping Tonnage 3600KN
Toggle Stroke 585mm
Space Between Tie Bars 660*640mm
Max.mould Height 710mm
Min.mould Height 220mm
Ejector Stroke 125mm
Ejector Tonnage 62KN
Max Pump Pressure 16Mpa
Pump Motor Power 37+18KW
Heater Power 17.3KW
Machine Dimension (LxWxH) 6.8x1.8x2.6m
Machine Weight 12.5T