TAILI TLE-130FS Injection Moulding Machine


Product Description

• Double cylinder balance injection system
• Back pressure adjustment device
• Multi stage pressure and speed injection
• High speed clamping
• Low pressure mould protection
• Double core pulling and inserting
• Multiple hydraulic ejector knock-out
• Mechanical electrical safety device
• Lubrication system
• TLE series offers Multiple options of computer CPU system
• Moulding data memory system
• Northman hydraulic valve
• Yestone servo motor
• Hopper dryer, auto loader and robot  for part or sprue (option)
• Phase motion control Ultract hydraulic drive

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Screw Diameter 42mm
Shot Volume (Theoretical) 259cm3
Injection Weight (PS) 235g
Injection Rate 152g/s
Injection Pressure 182Mpa
Screw Speed 0-315r/min
Clamping Unit Clamping Tonnage 1300KN
Toggle Stroke 380mm
Space Between Tie Bars 415*415mm
Max.mould Height  450mm
Min.mould Height 150mm
Ejector Stroke 130mm
Ejector Tonnage 33KN
Max Pump Pressure 16Mpa
Pump Motor Power  18KW
Heater Power  7.5KW
Machine Dimension (LxWxH) 4.5x1.48x1.9m
Machine Weight 4.2T