Skoda S-MT Multi Tasking Ultra Large Lathes



- Complete rough and final machining by turning, milling, grinding, drilling, deep boring and measuring during one setup.

- Hydrostatic guideway in all linear axes - long-term high accuracy.

- Automatic attachment and tool changing.

- NC controlled B and C axis Complete machine enclosure with integrated coolant mist exhaust system.

Product Description


- Higher reliability and efficiency

- Complete machining with various attachments on one setup

- Increase of final product quality-machining and measuring on one setup

- Higher flexibility

- Less space requirement- lower number of machines

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Type S150MT S200MT
Max. swing over bed 1500mm 2000mm
Max. length of workpiece 4000-10000mm 4000-10000mm
Max. weight 32t 70t
Max. revolution 700min-1 400min-1
Max. power 71kW 95kW
Max. torque 50-85kNm 85-140kNm


Type S320MT S500MT
Max. swing over bed 3200mm 5000mm
Max. length of workpiece 4000-10000mm 4000-10000mm
Max. weight 160t 250t
Max. revolution 300min-1 200min-1
Max. power 190kW 190kW
Max. torque 140-250kNm 250kNm