Škoda HCW 2000–4000 Series Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine


Two-step gearbox built into the ram allows this type of machine to reach extreme out travels in the ram (Z) and the spindle (W) travels together with very high revolutions.

This up-to-date concept of the newest type of ŠKODA horizontal boring and milling machine enables use of the most advanced machining tools available on the market and it also extremely improves the customer’s productivity.

Product Description


Following the latest trends in feed kinematics available, ŠKODA machines reach high feed rates without compromises  as for the traditionally superior accuracy and the machine’s lifetime. Using the most advanced systems of the ram dropping compensations, ŠKODA machines are able to keep accuracy in microns even with fully extended ram from the headstock (a patent of ŠKODA).

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Model HCW2000 HCW3000 HCW4000
Spindle diameter 160/180mm 180/200/225mm 225/250/262mm
Main motor power 64kw 103kw 120kw
Max. spindle speed 3500rpm 3000rpm 2500rpm
Sleeve extension in Z-Axis 1750mm 2000mm 2500mm
Sleeve extension in W-Axis 1250mm 1400mm 1500mm
Max. headstock traverse in Y-Axis 5000mm 7000mm 9000mm