Škoda HCW 1–4 Series Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine


Three-step gearbox allow transmitting of extremely high torque in the spindle or tool for rough machining together with 
the possibility of high revolutions for final machining. 

Product Description


This gives excellent results during machining process while taking huge chips as well as during very accurate fine  machining on the customer’s components, meeting the highest demands.

Heavily ribbed and large-sized castings together with in-house precise machining in micron values gives the machine 
superior stability features in long-term period of its use. Thanks to modern approach of ŠKODA engineers and use of 
advanced functions and technologies, the machine brings even higher performance and reliability during its lifetime.

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  HCW 1 HCW 2
Spindle diameter (mm) 150/160 160/180/200
Main motor power (kW) 71kw 100kw
Max. spindle speed (rpm) 3000 2500
Sleeve extension Z (mm) 1200 1300
Sleeve extension W (mm) 1000 1200
Max. headstock traverse Y (mm) 5000mm 7000


  HCW 3  HCW 4
Spindle diameter (mm) 200/225/250/262 262/280/300
Main motor power (kW) 129 147
Max. spindle speed (rpm) 2000 1600
Sleeve extension Z (mm) 1600 2000
Sleeve extension W (mm) 1500 1800
Max. headstock traverse Y (mm) 9000 10000