Škoda FCW Series Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine


The FCW horizontal boring machines will find application in dusty working environments and jobs including cast iron, plastic material or GFK machining.

They are also the best solution for machining box-type component parts of complex shapes for various industries including power generation, ship-building, mining, chemical, booms and transport equipment manufacturing.

Product Description

- High machine reliability
- Simple maintenance
- Original aesthetic design
- High efficiency of price vs. performance
- Linear rolling-contact bearings for the column movement on the machine bed and headstock movement on the column

The toothed rack fitted into the bed, engaging the displacement box at the column traverse unit (the Master-Slave  system) 

FCW machine can be eqiupped with universal 5-axis UFK 600 as a standard accessory for its higher flexibility and 

This machine of a quill-type design is made from a box-shaped grey iron casting. Automatic ram dropping compensation is performed during the whole out travel of the ram according to the weight of the technological accessories applied.

The Heidehain measuring scale for direct ram extension measurement with compensation of the longitudinal thermal expansion of the ram is a proprietary Škoda patent.

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Model FCW140 FCW150 FCW160
Spindle diameter 140mm 150mm 160/180mm
Main motor power 37kw 52kw  58/74kw
Max. spindle speed 3000rpm 3000rpm 3000/3500rpm
Sleeve extension Z-Axis 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Sleeve extension W-Axis 900mm 900mm 1000mm
Max. headstock traverse Y-Axis 5000mm 4000mm 6000mm