SINO VMC1580L Vertical Machining Center


Product Description

Machine Characteristics

1. The major machine components apply finest gray cast iron which are of good shock resistance. All the casts have been done with aging treatment twice, in order to eliminate the internal residual stresses. So that, our machine can work with high rigidity and good shock resistance for heavy cutting and intermittent cutting. 
2. Key components are designed with CAD software, in this way, the optimal structure can be analyzed out by computer, which ensure the good intensity,rigidity and  thermal stability. 
3. The joint face of components are manually polished well, which guarantees the effective contacting area.

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Worktable Size 800×1700mm
T-slots (N×W) 5×22
T-slots distance 150mm
X-Axis Travel 1500mm
Y-Axis Travel 800mm
Z-Axis Travel 690mm
Distance from spindle center to vertical guide way 850mm
Distance from spindle surface to worktable 150-840mm
Bearing load of worktable 1500kg
Machine weight 14000kg
Spindle taper hole BT50
Spindle power 15/18.5kw
Max.Spindle speed 6000rpm
Max. Feed Speed 5000mm/min
Rapid feed speed (X/Y/Z) 12m/min
Position accuracy (X/Y/Z) ±0.015mm
Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) ±0.01mm



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