SINO VMC1265 Vertical Machining Center


Pagoda type structure design and reinforcing ribs inside to ensure rigidity. 

All the mechanical connection areas are manually scraped to ensure long stay accuracy.

All the key parts adopt top level brands, including spindle, linear guideway, ball screw, bearings, tool magazine, tool cylinder, guideway covers etc.

Large span of Y axis guideways to keep all the X axis travel is supported.

Intergrated ball screw housing ensure long stay accuracy. Pre-tensioned ball screw provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth.  Directly coupled servo motor eliminates any factors which will influence accuracy and efficiency.

Product Description

Machine Structure

-X, Y, Z three-axis adopts ultra-wide guide rails, which have excellent rigidity, vibration absorption (suppressing vibration generated when cutting tools) and damping (preventing vibration when the guide system is started or stopped)

-Suitable for machine tools with heavy cutting loading 

-Y axes are supported by 4 guide rails, which has stronger carrying capacity


-Taiwan brand  BT50-150mm spindle, standard is belt drive 8000rpm. Optional is 10000rpm. 

-Ultralight spindle headstock and Z axis with counter balance block

Manual Scrape

-Manual scraping is used on the main joint surface to ensure effective contact area and improve the accuracy;

-It is also beter for lubrication as oil slick will formed after manual scrape;

Axes Driving

-The 3 axes servo motors are directly connected to the high-precision ball screw via a gapless elastic coupling to ensure transmission accuracy. 

-All servo motors are equipped with absolute encoders to increase efficiency and reliability. 

-The three axis screw is pre-stretched to eliminate the influence of screw temperature rise on machining accuracy  


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Worktable size  1400x650mm
Max. load capacity  1200kg
X-Axis travel     1200mm
Y-Axis travel  670mm
Z-Axis travel  665mm
Spindle nose taper  BT50  
Spindle speed (pulley)   6000rpm
Rapid traverse rate   15/15/12m/min
Number of tool  24



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