SINO V10P Vertical Machining Center


The P series is SINO's top selling machine series due to its intergrated machining performance, rigidity and accuracy.

Product Description

Machine structure

- The contact ratio between spindle case and column increased to ensure spindle rigidity. 

- 1100mm wide machine body span and optimum supporting design can meet with fast feed of X and Y axis.

- Big size of “pyramid” column and with closed inner cavity to ensure low center but high rigidity support of Z axis.

Pre-loaded and double anchored ball screw

- Servo motor directly coupled ball screw.

- All the ball screws, linear guideway, bearings are well lubricated in time and ration.

- Y/Z axis adopt 45mm linear guideway while X axis adopts 35mm which make the rapid feed speed reach 48/48/32m/min.

- In order to eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy, all axes are driven by high precision double anchored ballscrews. Also 5 rank high precision angular contacted bearing installed aside the ball screw and make pre-tension.

Shoulder carrying tool magazine

- Shoulder carrying tool magazine can ensure Z axis geometric accuracy and perfect stability, rigidity and the minimum deformation when column loaded with tool magazine weight.

Large flow coolant fluid

- Labyrinth style cover design to protect machine from scraps and cutting fluid.

- Standard equipped with inner side flushing system to remove scraps efficiently.

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Work table size 1200x520mm
Max. load capacity  500kg
X-Axis travel  1000mm
Y-Axis travel   520mm
Z-Axis travel 535mm
Spindle nose taper  BT40  
Spindle speed (direct driven) 12000/15000rpm
Rapid traverse rate 48/48/32m/min
Number of tools   24



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