SINO SP-1016 Double Column Machining Center


Product Description

- Main driving system(include spindle, main motor etc)

- Three axis servo drive system( linear guide, ball screw etc)

- Main parts(include base, worktable, column etc)

- ATC(24T)

- CNC control system( includes operation box, electric cabinet, manual pulse generator)

- Air circuit system( Includes two linkage, magnetic valve, air gun etc)

- Automatic lubrication system( include lubricant pump, allocator etc)

- Cutting liquid system( Includes water pump and water tank )

- Automatic chip conveyor(include 2 screw type and 1 chain type)

- X、Y axis internal protection

- Level adjustment system(Includes embedded bolts, adjusting screws)



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Worktable size 1000x1600mm
Load bearing of worktable 3000kg
T-slots(N x M)  Center: 7-22x125mm
Longitudinal travel X-Axis 1650mm
Cross travel Y-Axis 1100+230mm (tool changing)
Vertical travel 600mm
Dist. spindle nose to worktable 160-760mm
Dist. between two columns 1250mm
Spindle taper                 BT50/Φ150
Servo Main Motor rated output torque  C71.7Nm
Max Spindle speed             7000rpm(belt type)
Rapid feed speed X-Axis 20m/min
Rapid feed speed Y-Axis            20m/min
Rapid feed speed Z-Axis 12m/min
Capacity 24T
Max. Tool diameter Φ110/200mm
Max. Tool allowable weight      15kg
Max. Tool allowable length 300mm
Tool change time  3s(T-T)
Max. Cutting feed speed 8000mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.012mm


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