Hwaxcheon Vesta 1050B High Rigid Box Way Vertical Machining Center


Hard Machining Results Every Time VESTA-1050B is the answer.

Hwacheon's vertical machining center employ highly tough, highly rigid box way design on all axes for ultimate precision . These machines can be configured with a wide choice of spindle models to satisfy your production needs.

Product Description

- 8000rpm or 6000rpm high-speed spindles to choose from
- Feed(X/Y/Z): 1050/600/600mm
- Gear-driven high-torque spindle: 2-speed shifting
- Box way design for all axes

In heavy duty cutting, stability is the key

Everything about VESTA-1050B is detail. These machining centers don't miss even the smallest detail to ensure top performance.

Built with Hwacheon's advanced technology and craftsmanship, VESTA-1050B is the class-leading vertical machining center that will guarantee to give you the quality you seek for your manufacture requirements. The 1050B's feed drive employs all-axis box way design for precision and performance; while the structure is 3D FEM analyzed to make it tough yet efficient.

4-Guide Box Way 

The double boxed way design has been incorporated in the Y-axis to limit friction and increase feed rates. These slide ways have been widened for additional bearing support and decrease the surface friction.

Precision Scraping

With Hwacheon's 60 years of workmanship, the VESTA boxed ways are scraped to perfection. Precision scraping helps absorb vibration during turning and provide smooth movement to ensure highly precise machining results.

Gear Driven

The 2-speed auto-shifting gear spindle delivers high torque cutting performance at extra low speeds; while providing excellent performance at high speeds.

Spindle Cooling System

Semi-permanent grease lubrication is used around the bearings. the bearing assembly and the gear housing are cooled with circulating oil within the gear box.


The VESTA-1050B system offers a user friendly design and a wide variety of upgrade options for a faster, more precise machining performance, so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating quality products.

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Stroke (X/Y/Z)     1050/600/600mm
Feedrate Rapid Speed (X/Y/Z) 24/24/18m/min
Table Size (Width x Length) 1150 x 600mm
Table Loading Capacity 1000kg
Max. Spindle Speed 8000rpm(6000rpm)
Spindle Motor 18.5/15kW
Type of Tool Shank BT-40 (Opt. CAT-40) BT-50 (Opt. CAT-50)
Tool Storage Capacity   24 (Opt. 30)
Floor Space (Length X Width) 3990 x 2185mm


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