Fibermak G Force


Fibermak G-Force is designed with the servo motor concept. A machine equipped with a servo motor can reach up to 4G acceleration with its rigid bridge as a result of dynamic analyses and its perfect design.

Product Description

Thanks to the high acceleration that provides great advantages while switching between parts, production time is decreased and efficiency is increased by 15% per hour on average. The more complex the part to be processed, the greater the productivity.

Produced by using long-life and high quality components together with its strong body structure, Fibermak G-Force is designed to operate continuously and precisely even under the most severe conditions.

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Machine Axes 4-Axes (X,Y,Z,U)
Max X,U Axes travels 3050mm
Max Y Axis travels 1530mm
Max Z Axis travels 150mm
Max Worksheet Dimensions 3000 x 1500mm
Max Burden Capacity 1500kg
Max Cutting Capacity

Mild Steel - 16mm
Stainless Steel - 8mm
Aluminum - 6mm