5-Axis Plasma Cutting Machine


Bringing a new dimension to your cutting operations...

True bevel technology I Low cots operation I Ergonomic design I Simple operation I True hole technology

Product Description

5-Axis cutting head
All angles are calculated automatically with 5-Axis cutting technology. During the cutting process it composes the angle value automatically, which the operator needs to enter. 5-Axis cutting technology is a perfect solution for vertical and angular cuts.

- Automatically bolt hole without operator intervention
- Close the gap between the laser hole quality and the plasma process making it a convenient option for many laser cut jobs.
- Completely eliminates the hole tape.
- Resonance is minimal and deflected out of the hole. 
- Provides true bolt hole quality 

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Plasma source 130/260/400/800A
Table dimensions 1.5m to 36m

- True Hole™ technology.
- Low investment cost.
- Maximum efficiency.
- 2-3 times more parts produced per hour.
- 15” touch screen Hypertherm®EDGE®PRO controller.
- TurboNEST®plasma generator and torch system for precise cuts.
- Hypertherm®plasma generator and torch system for accurate cuts.
- Lower cutting costs compared to your competitors.
- Hundreds of machines working all around the world.
- Easy installation and training.
- Durable choice for your precise cutting works.